Ne z knih, ale z pramenů, kamenů a stromů se učte.

Dear visitors, 

these pages were created because of small, but persistent need to record our trips and pilgrimages. We call ourselves "Putující", which could be translated as "Pilgrims". But, contrary to the  religious content of this world, we do not follow any strict religious creed or denomination. We are a group of similarly thinking friends. Our creed is a declaration of love, coming from our personal inner development and progress.

We try to see and feel the nature and landscape around us with more than our five senses. We try to feel the hidden reality, the spiritual part of the landscape and objects within it. We try to feel and listen, and to record the messages, which mother nature sends toward us or the mankind.

This is ..enjoyable, important and exciting..

We do not like to show anyone here how clever, conscious, intuitive and "transformed" we are. That is not our goal. But if these pages helped you or inspired you, we would be very happy.  And if we meet somewhere on our travels, we will respectfully acknowledge and greet you. And we are sure that we will meet, because journeys of all pilgrims are the same.

See you!

Jiri Skaloud

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PS:  Many thanks for your help with the translation, Mirka!

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Hnevin - small hill close to Most

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